Include a real live photo of you! People love to see who is behind the business & will feel more comfortable hiring you or purchasing from you once they have seen this.

Statement that lets your ideal client know what you can do for them

E.g. I help difference makers + creative entrepreneurs get their message out, so they can make a bigger impact on the world (

Introduce yourself (by name) and how you can help them get to where they want to be!

E.g. Hi there, I’m Alyssa ... and it breaks my heart when I see women undersell themselves. As a Copywriter & Messaging Coach, it’s my job to help you write & talk about your work in a loud, proud voice. (

Backstory... what brought you to where you are today?

E.g. How did this become my life? Well, in 2013, I was working as an expat in Tokyo, Japan. Living abroad was a beautiful adventure... (


E.g. Within three years of launching my hobby blog, I was earning $1 million dollars per year through my blog and e-courses (




Where you’ve been featured or clients you have worked with

E.g. Through online courses, free webinars, a Facebook community, and more, I’ve helped over 100,000 brilliant, creative, hustlers LIKE YOU, stand out online. (

What makes working with you unique

E.g.I know how you can go against the grain, do everything different, and still make a profit (and a difference). (


- Write in the first person
- Include a few personal things about you so we feel we get to know you!
- Infuse your personality
- Demonstrate your knowledge & experience - totally fine to humble brag here ;)

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